Master Planning and Community Design

The planning and design of a livable, sustainable community requires a thorough understanding of the land and the environment, local lifestyles and the needs of future residents.  The planning process will establish a Vision for the project, with close coordination between client and the consultant team.

Our planning process starts with knowledge of the land and powered by interactive communication.  We draw on the clues and identifiable signs from the natural environment. Working with our clients, we develop planning principals to guide and ensure that the attributes of the land that attracted people there in the first place will still be there for many years to come.

The community plan should be as unique as its context, site conditions, and the people whose needs and desires have helped to shape it.

Master Planning and Community Design Process – click here

Site Planning and Landscape Architecture Design

Design should have a unique character that reflects the natural quality of the region, the physical characteristics of the site, culture and history of the community.  A well-designed space endures use, it is functional and easy to maintain.  It will also evolve with social and environmental changes over time.  It should be a place where people can enjoy, relax and socialize, memorable and nourishes both the body and soul.  In line with this philosophy, our approach to design involves a comprehensive process that leads the client through the project stages, from conceptual design to project implementation.

We enjoy design work, seeing a project built according to design is the highest reward for a designer.  We believe that exemplary design adds to the well-being, enrich the lives of their users, and will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Site Planning and Landscape Architecture Design Process – click here

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